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My daughter was diagnosed with internal snapping hip syndrome and saw no improvements wirh traditional physical therapy. Working with Lillian at Spiralz, provided my daughter with the tools and support she needed to correct her hip problems. Through her personal touch and expertise, Lillian was able to customize an exercise program that efficiently and successfully targeted my daughter's exact needs. My dauther is now pain free and can enjoy her regular activities, I highly recommend Spiralz studio!

~Sarah Pundt



Lillian and her amazing GYROTONIC® expertise have transformed my son after prolonged chemotherapy treatments and the numerous negative effects on the body. After years of no benefits from continuous physical therapy, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® has miraculously increased my son's flexibility, movement and ability to extend and expand his muscles thereby providing more stability in his daily walking. I am so grateful to Lillian and the benefits of her Gyrotonic system.


Michele A. Newberry


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“The value of GYROTONIC® exercise is that it combines functional training, art, science, and therapy.”   

~Dr. Christian Larsen, Sports Medicine, Orthopedics;  Bern, Switzerland



“This system is revolutionary and sets a new model of exercise rehabilitation in the health industry.”     

~Daniel S. Smith, D.C. Chiropractor; Alamo, California



GYROTONIC® exercises are without question the most intelligent exercise equipment I have ever encountered.  It is safe for the elderly and rehabilitation patients.”
 ~Angela Crowley, President, The Phoenix Center for Health Excellence;  Denver, Colorado